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Kisses, Hugs and Tummy Rubs

Pairing: Kris/fem!Suho
Word Count: 1664 words
A/N: bc who doesn't want tummy rubs from kris' giant hands? unbeta-ed

“Sleep tight, baby bunny.”Collapse )

A Well of Memories


It’s one of those nights when sleep doesn’t come.Collapse )

Little Promises

Pairing: Kris/Suho
Word Count: 883 words
A/N: bc junmyeon is a precious little pumpkin i mean loOK AT HIM

"Next time, I'll be your hero, okay? I promise!"Collapse )

Call It Magic (1/2)

Pairing: Kris/Suho

Word Count: 7045 words

A/N: this fic was written for the angelforalien krisho fic exchange (and i'm only posting it now bc i got distracted......) i'm vvvv thankful to the mods for holding this exchange as well as the people who read & enjoyed the fic: thank you guys so much!!!!! ///hUGS ALL AROUND///
many many thanks to my beta, dew_ofdawn, a.k.a the person who had to bear with my headache-inducing draft ehehehe i love you a lot. thank you for the encouragement and motivation and the crazy last-minute beta-ing because i am a terrible terrible person
also thanks to p and h for cheering me on and giving me lovely advice as well as l for (unintentionally) shoving lots of krisho to me

if you prefer to read it at the angelforalien site itself, you can click here (:
this fic is also posted on my aff account

Quidditch, Potions, pumpkin juice and an unresolved grudge. How will this turn out?Collapse )

Kiss It Better

Pairing: Kris/Suho

Word Count: 2740 words

A/N: lots & lots of fluff, slight crack I think? mostly plotless & incoherent word vomit heh. mainly to get me back into the feel of writing. this took so much longer than expected I mean it took frEAKIN MONTHS OKAY D: bc we went through a heatwave/drought/idkwhattocallit (i am vvv serious it didn't properly rain here for like a month of something & i think i fell sick bc of the heat boohoo ㅠㅠalso inspired by this bout of viral stomach flu i caught a few months back: it was the worst thing ever. also one of my weaknesses is clingy!kris so HERE YOU GO! :D and i decided to finally finish this story TODAY bc it's my birthday yay!!! i spent my bday writing fic instead of studying yay!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe pls do not be like me guys :3

warnings: curse words ahead! like 1 i think. heh

Yifan has to restrain himself from spontaneously melting into a puddle of goo because his husband is the best-est (is that even a word) husband in the world.Collapse )

just a side note, these fics were all orginally posted at my aff. so please don't be alarmed when you see these fics there as well!!! (unless someone else has re-uploaded it as theirs...... then please inform me :P)

hooray! i am off hiatus which means i can work on more ficssssss :D

I'm Falling Even More in Love with You

Pairing: Kris/Suho
Word Count: 623 words
A/N: I wrote the last bits as I listened to cheesy love songs about romance and marriage odg help me #teamForeverAlone
Title is based on the Lifehouse song
Also this sucks SO BAD WHYYYYYY its like 1:15AM that’s why

A giggle disrupts the awkward atmosphere as Junmyeon covers his mouth, his soft laughter seeping through the cracks between his fingers and into Yifan’s ears, sparkling eyes turning into small crescents.Collapse )

Sparks Fly

Pairing: Kris/Suho

Word Count: 1613 words

A/N: Inspired by the following pic, and someone’s tweet that they looked like high school boyfriends. Many many many thanks my friend dew_ofdawn who fangirl-ed with me as I typed out a rough outline of this story through whatsapp and internally melted into a puddle of goo together (and are now deeper than the Mariana Trench in our feels for our OTPs and exo in general sigh what did I do to deserve this)

This is basically 1613 words of fluff and sTUpiDity becAUSE I CAN WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF ;;;;;______;;;;;

tbh i think this fic is pretty rushed idkkkk like i could've written i better ///sobs/// please don't be disappointed if it doesn't live up to your expectationsssss

the story behind how i got the title is that after i finished writing the fic and began fretting over what to call it, i just pressed 'shuffle' in my music library and Taylor Swift's song popped out

p.s this fic is unbeta-ed! it's almost 1am and i still haven't showered so i'll check through this for mistakes when i wake up later hehe (now i sound really gross but i swEAR I'M NOT PLS DON'T BE DISGUSTED)

enjoy!!! and please do comment if you can, comments make me happy ^-^

Suddenly, the door clicks open and opens to reveal Junmyeon with a shit-eating grin on his face already back in his comfortable shorts and Kris’ old hoodie.Collapse )